Champions League 1

Jim Mclernon picked up a Bass of 3.85 and also won the Match with a bag weight of 13.45, followed by Richard Stanley 12.10 and in 3rd place with 10.85 was Darren Wilmore.
Biggest fish pools were split evenly by Allen Stanley and Paul Wilmore
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25th Nov C/L 9 am till 4.30pm46079710_565934657210179_2915989001041084416_n

Champions League 2

Alan Evans
Alan Evans

Winner Alan Evans 43lb 2oz

2nd Glen Jub 39lb  5oz

3rd Tony Hogg 38lb 2oz

Biggest fish pools 
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Champions League 4

Alan Evans

1st: Roker 5lb 9oz going to Kevin Cook on Sea Fret: winning him £45
2nd Cod  5lb 3oz John Dines on Lost the Plot : winning£30rd  Cod

3rd lb 7oz  Terry Branson on Catch 22 : winning £15
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HCA Boat Fishing Club BSB Transport open

Result from HCA Boat fishing club BSB Transport Charity open match approximately £600 raised for Rear into Gear charity Grimsby hospital
Name Best Fish Position Prize 
Gary Norman 7.15 Lbs 1 £500
Bob Bellamy 5.95 Lbs 2 £200
John Pyle 5.3 Lbs 3 £100
Liam Markham 5.1 Lbs 4 Prize Table
Tony mclernon 4.85 Lbs 5 Prize Table
Tim burgess 4.85Lbs 6 Prize Table
Clive Glover 4.8 Lbs 7 Prize Table
Darren Wilmore 4.8 Lbs 8 Prize Table
liam markham 4.7 Lbs 9 Prize Table
john chapman 4.65 Lbs 10 Prize Table
Bob Bellemy 4.65 Lbs 11 Prize Table
jim mclernon 4.35 Lbs 12 Prize Table
tim burgess 4.35 Lbs 13 Prize Table
John Dines 4.1 Lbs 14 Prize Table
Andrew Rock 4.1 Lbs 15 Prize Table
Michael Wright 4.1 Lbs 15 Prize Table
Terry Branson 4.05 
Chris Yorgo Jnr 4.05 
Chris Banks 3.95 
Graham BSB 3.9 
Mark BSB 3.85 
Chris Yorgo Jnr 3.75 
Kev Cooke 3.7 
jim mclernon 3.7