Fishing report June 9th
Been out twice, still not on my boat. Cleethorpes beach still out of action.
Not too much to report, bits and pieces, a 5lb Cod on one trip, and 4 Thornbacks on the next. I need to get out on the Laura Ann to get a sense of what's out there


Fishing report April 8th
Yes I went fishing
On Stuart Mcsherry's Up Five
To the Yorkie coast near the 5A, hoping for an accidental Bass or two
Obviously any Bass that might be caught would be put back
A good days fishing, with lots of whiting, a few dogfish, a couple of small codling, a nice 10.5lb Thornback (returned) and two nice Bass of 3lb and 4lb (returned)
Small hooks and small baits seemed to work well

Hello to the secretary's very own page....

I hope to fill my page with interesting snippets from my life as a not very organised club secretary and small boat angler.
Hopefully there wont be too many tales of disaster, i'm fairly experienced now. The days of knocking my outboard off the boat into the sea, or my uncoupled boat and trailer smashing into a car on the way to the beach, or the laura ann ending up pinned next to a thousand tonne tanker in the middle of the humber at night, are over!
So, I intend to let you know what's going on with the club as far as the secretary's concerned and with my other hat on, put my fishing reports and associated ramblings on here.
Please scroll down to continue!

 To start with here's a you tube video filmed from my boat.

Filmed during the 2012 Humber Big Cod Open
Big Cod match
Fishing report Tuesday 27th December The Fur and Feather match
The fur and feather match is a fun match fished every year around christmas (obviously) No turkeys or mince pies for the winners, but a £5 pool and 39 anglers meant that the winning three fish would buy a lot of mince pies with the payout.
For all the entrants and any one turning up at the clubhouse after, there were free christmas prizes galore, quite a lot of them were worth the cost of our annual membership fee!
I was on the Hogwash and Tony carefully anchored up near the 5A, just by the deepwater ledge. You will catch most of the cod he said. He was right. When the tide ran, the fish came to my rods because I was fishing the ledge. I had one nice fish of 10.5lbs, plus half a dozen others. Tony kept filling the fish box up with big whiting.
After dinner had been served, the boat moved around slightly in the tide and Tony then had a few cod, including one of 9.5lbs.....
Time to go in to get the free prizes on the table. A good session!
At the weigh-in, lots of fish caught, but none bigger than mine!! So a nice christmas bonus for me, plus Tony had the 3rd biggest fish, so a nice little bonus for him too!
Well done Captain Hoggy!
After the prize draw, we raffled off the spare prizes, raising £110 for FLAG
A good day




Brief Fishing report Tue Nov 29th
6.6m tide, over low water, wind 3 SW
My boat from Cleethorpes
Started at the South shoal, too much tide at 4 knots. so off to the 5A shallow bank. Tide a lot easier 2 knots. Within 15 minutes, Cod on. Then 12 more cod, one double, most put back. Whiting still around. Oddly other boats reported poor fishing. I must of landed on a shoal of fish!
My Cod quota full, so I tried the 4B for the flood. Strangely I was inundated with red weed, which tends to kill the fishing. I did have one nice cod of about 7lb, it already had a hook in it's mouth, lucky cod because I put it back. Hooked twice yet still swimming around in the Humber.
So great fishing (for me anyway).


Fishing report Sat Nov 26th, Biggest fish match
Cod are in (but the whiting are still there) And some lessons learnt.
Lucky enough to be invited on the Hogwash for the match, penning out and fishing the flood tide. 15 boats fishing. Unfortunately a bit of confusion with the start time meant that the Alexandar dock boats couldn't enter the match, something the committee will be looking at.
As for the fishing....Whiting everywhere (good for the charity box), but how was a cod going to get to the bait?  We fished in the Gy middle towards the Yorkshire coast side. Reports were that the big spring tides have bought the cod in, and every now and then it seemed that a shoal went through pushing the whiting away. Cod on...I had 3, lost 2 more when having double hook ups. Tony had 2. Biggest on the boat was 8lb, others 5lb. Nice fish too
But not big enough to get in the money, (see the match report on this site)
Then, just before the match ended, a dense fog bank rolled down the Humber. No problem for the Hogwash, as Tony has equipped it with AIS and a state of the art chartplotter. But fairly quickly the VHF was alive with talk of boats lost in the fog, all non HCA members. At least two boats lost. One guy had no idea how to work his navigation equipment, and was (rightly) frightened. They were both eventually rescued by the RNLI.
Fog can appear on almost any calm day and the Humber is not a place to be lost in, because you could easily be squashed by a rather large ship.
So lessons to be learnt. Buy a GPS Chartplotter (or at least a basic GPS) and learn how to use it. Put your home destination in it along with a few waypoints, and use it to get you home. Practice on a clear day. Use it every time you go out. Maybe even have two on your boat.
One day the GPS may save your life.
Even I can use a plotter, and it's got me home safely a few times.
Then go and buy a good radar reflector and fit it so that it works.
Be safe out there!

Raymarine  Dragonfly 5m Chartplotter With European Navionics Silver Chart




Fishing report Friday Nov 11 2016
Whiting at the 4B
Over high tide:
Whiting and more Whiting.....Big whiting though, they all seem to have been eating well on their summer holidays. Most over 35cms
Every cast, on every rod, uptide, downtide, under the boat. I couldn't escape the hoard. They will thin out soon, so that the cod can get a sniff of my squid!
Fishing report Tuesday Nov 8 2016
From Wonderland beach over high tide
Tiny tide at 5.5m Wind W force 3 to 4, then SW 3
Where to go? Yorkie coast would be best but will be wind against tide, perhaps a bit too uncomfortable for me. (Alan Jones on Jennifer went there and I was right). So I decided on 5A, in the deep water to get some tide run. 46ft not much flow....Rods out, magic squid doing it's stuff, whiting on, then more whiting. Uptide rod banging away, cod on! 4lb, one of the new seasons fish. Two more 4lb cod before the tide completely stopped, plus 20 keeper (big) whiting.
A good early season day, after a while the sun came out , the wind died down, very nice it was.
A few boats were out from the various marinas, a scattering of cod reported, but not many.