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Rear into Gear Charity match

The Windy forecast for last Sunday’s match made people a bit twitchy about going out on boats for the Charity Boat Fishing match run by the HCA in Grimsby Fish Dock. In aid of Rear into Gear.   The sponsors for this match were the local Rothwell Game Keepers, who are a great bunch of people & it is an honour & a pleasure to take them on our boats.  
     Because of the early morning winds we decided to start the match 10.30am, just fishing the flood tide of the Humber  till 3pm.  Many of the Marina boats who were not fishing with our honoured guests came down the marina early, decided the winds are too strong & went home, if only they waited, it turned out to be a really good day, with the Southerly  winds quickly dropping down to nothing.   We had 13 boats waiting for our guests to arrive, they were greeted at the marina gates by our resident Foxy Loxy, (I think a few people feed him in the marina so he his very tame) A few comments from the Game Keepers, who are used to seeing Foxes through gun sites.  We put the Shooters on 12 boats & headed for the Fish Dock pen which squeezed all the 13 boats in, Megastar the only boat without a shooter although he did offer to take somebody on board.  The rest of the boats were looking after the guests, having rods, tackle & bait all set up for them. My boat the Hogwash ended up packing the tackle & putting it away because I had the legendary Mark Taylor & Dave Shooter Smith on board, who had come fully equipped with tackle & bait that put my gear to shame.
Mark is a well known Beach Angler so we started the match fairly close to Cleethorpes in 12 foot of water, just in case a bass might put in an appearance, also it gave me chance to cook the bacon butties & serve drinks in the calmer water until the wind eased. Most of the other boats were further out at No:4 Buoy with everybody catching whiting, mostly being returned to the water but a few that were big or swallowed the hook were taken for eating.  About 2 hours  the wind had dropped away & so had the whiting, we decided it was time to move out into the middle of the Humber, before we had time to get the rods in the boats were reporting cod catches.  Dave on the Hogwash had not had a cod this year while fishing off the beach & had bought a few beers along in case he could break his duck,  He did, landing a 3.5lb cod, it was not going to win any matches but was worth a toast with a bottle of beer.  We were still catching whiting & the odd flattie but the fishing was very slow (for boat fishing) so we moved onto the Yorkey Coast, fishing in 40 foot with plenty of fish marks on the sounder but NOT hard on the bottom.  Mark eventually caught a cod similar to Dave’s & it was then time to return to the Club House for more food & drinks & see who had won.
The biggest fish of the day was Robert on Megastar with a cod of 7lb 6oz but he was the only boat without a guest & not in the match.  The winning boat with guests on was Devocean6 won by  !!!!!!!

Devocean 6 winning boat
Devocean 6 winning boat

We made £1800 for our charity which will go into the pot with other funds we have & continuing to raise.
So a very good feel good day enjoyed by everybody, I even think we have found some new Fishing Club members from our friends the Shooters.    
Tony Hogg

Crab Racing BBQ evening  Saturday July 7th 7p.m.
This is Regatta weekend. All members and families Welcome
It might seem that there is not much happening at the moment, but we are raising money at every winter league match by donating lots of whiting to Baitbox's Marine nutrition business. Baitbox donate a very generous amount for the whiting, details at the end of the season.
The committee are trying to organise a few fund raising evening in the HCA clubhouse, details to follow.
Although the charity appeal is a bit quiet at the moment, the committee are confident that there will be a fantastic amount of money raised for Macmillan by April 2018

 After the Auction night and various other donations we have hit our target of £4000 raised for FLAG in 2016-2017.

Richard Tunney of Dong Energy and Sponsors of the 2017 Hca Boat Fishing Club "Big Cod Match" presents a cheque for £4000 to Malcolm Rudkin of FLAG on behalf of the HCA Boat Fishing Club With Tim Burgess the club chairman looking on..
Richard Tunney of Dong Energy and Sponsors of the 2017 Hca Boat Fishing Club "Big Cod Match" presents a cheque for £4000 to Malcolm Rudkin of FLAG on behalf of the HCA Boat Fishing Club With Tim Burgess the club chairman looking on..




The clubs new chosen charity for 2017-2018 is Macmillan Nurses

A big shout out for John And Lisa Pyle who hosted a BBQ extravaganza at there home raising a massive £8300 for this years charity thank you and well done on behalf of the HCA Boat Fishing Club members

John And Lisa Pyles 2017 BBQ
John And Lisa Pyle's 2017 BBQ

Charity Match







We have raised over £40,000 in the last 10 years for various charities.Not bad for such a small club