The 2018 Humber Thornback Open

Sunday 12th Aug 2018   9am to 5.30pm

The H.C.A. Fishing Club are proud to present the Humber Thornback Open. (click on link below for entry form

This information sheet is designed to help you successfully gain entry to fish the match.

Please fill in the supplied sheet with your details and post back with your cheque for the correct amount.

All applications should be sent to the address below.

Mr C. Banks

The Croft, North End Crescent, Tetney, Lincs, DN36 5LZ

Please make all cheques payable to: HCA Sea Angling Club.

Please write your boat name on the back of the cheque.

All application forms and match fees must be received by the 22nd July 2018.

If there are more than six people fishing, please add their names separately.

Cost per angler is £10. Once processed the entrance fees are not refundable.

Please be aware that confirmation of your application and any further correspondence will by by email to the boat skipper (unless requested otherwise)

Please write your email clearly on the application form.

The committee reserves the right to refuse any admission.

Secure overnight parking for boats and trailers will be available, with trailed boats parking in the HCA marina prior to the match

Beach boats and marina boats from both the HCA and Alexandra dock are eligible to take part.

For beach boats, please be aware that there will be no tractor assistance available.

Boats may be subject to inspection before and after the match.

There will be marshals available before the match starts and there will be a control boat out on the day to ensure rules and regulations are adhered to and to help any boats with minor problems.

There will be a total cash payout of at least £600.

With minimum cash prizes of £300 for the heaviest Thornback, £200 for the second and £100 for the third

There will also be an extensive prize table

Only two Thornbacks can be weighed in per angler.

All fish that are submitted for weighing will be sold by the fishing club. All proceeds will be donated to Cleethorpes RNLI.

There will also be collection boxes for any other donated fish, these fish will also be sold and all proceeds will be donated to Cleethorpes RNLI..

Thorn back open has been re-arranged for Sunday 12th Aug:  8.30am to 4.30pm .due to strong winds

If that is cancelled, then Sunday 26th Aug: 8.30am to 4.30pm

In the event of the match being cancelled on those dates, all entrants will be entered in to a draw, with the original prize fund being fully paid out  Thornback champs 2018

Winter League 8 06.05.18

1st Andy Hurst 16lb 7  biggest fish 6lb .5 Roker

2nd Chris Banks 11lb 05

3rd Steve Rose 10.7

Fishing Updates

Hi Guys,
With a fantastic weekend forecast we are squeezing in a Winter League Fishing match  10.30 till  6pm pen in 6.30pm
Members only, you can join on the day if you have not paid for this year yet.
Usual format, optional £5 pool for the largest cod or roker + £5 for boat to pen in.
Control boat Hogwash VHF ch6, pay at the weigh in at the HCA Marina.
Tony H

some Key Dates for the Diary Gentlemen lest we forget
All members,Friends old and new welcome.
Meridian Bar HCA Grimsby Fish Docks
Charity Auction 7 pm Friday 4th May
Saturday 19th May Charity Presentation date Macmillan’s Nurses


Re-arranged Winter League Matches

WL 8:  Actual went ahead 06.05.18   

WL 9:   29/04/18 Fish 07.30 to 15.45   Cancelled  (6.88m)

WL 10: 13/05/15 Fish 07.30 to 14.30   Cancelled    (6.48m)

Reserve date

10/06/18: pen out 09.00 fish 09.30 to 15.00 (6.12m)

Prize giving evening FRIDAY 15th June Pie & Peas

WL: Re arranged matches subject to Weather and availability of control boats.

HCA Boat Fishing Club

Winter League 7


Winter League 7 with14 Boats in Grimsby Docks Large pen, sunrise and little if any wind with a flooding tide for today’s match at 5.6m commencing 07.45 and ending 12.30.

Not much expected for today’s tide with mixed reports from the week, from poor to downright Dire.

We were not surprised as the fishing was certainly dire today.

Boats headed down River to the 8, and 9 buoys to get some run off and a few off to the sunk spit and middle 7

Small codlings were being caught, but not in any numbers, Whiting’s were noticeable again in their absence. Roy Quint Skipper of Rasen managed to find a couple of small codling his biggest of 4lb winning him the pools for the biggest fish of the day.

Knocker Nobby Grant aboard Joshua was bucking the trend for the day and actually boating a few codlings ably assisted by his net man Chris Jorgensen, Helping him win the biggest bag for the day and Wl 7

The match was called 15 minutes early to commence and promptly called 30 minutes early to end the misery for the brave 26 souls who attended only compensated by a nice sunny day, though in the shade the light NW wind had a cold bite to it which was more of a bite than  most of us had.

W[nter League 7

1         Nobby Grant   14lb 9.5oz

2       Gary Norman 14lb 6oz

3       Maitland Stevens 9lb 4.5oz

Biggest Fish     1st Roy Quint 4lb        2nd Maitland Stevens 3lb 3rd Jim Mclernon 2lb 7oz

Next Match WL 8:  


Winter League 6

A good day,
The fishing was a bit slow for most of the 14 boats  that squoze into the Fish Dock pen at 6.45 a.m. to fish this winter league match with 28 anglers on board.  The sea was flat calm with very little tide, which did not help the fishing although plenty of fish were showing on the sounders they were feeding on whitebait & shrimp which was evident when we gutted the fish.  The boats were facing downtide when they should have been facing uptide, with probably more fresh water running out so that the tide never came to the flood until the last 2or 3 hours of high water, I think this confused the fish, it certainly confused the anglers.  Only cod was coming aboard, no sign of any whiting or roker, main size being the usual 43cm, the minimum size to weigh in for the HCA club is 45cm so most of the fish were retuned to grow a further 2cm.  We were told by the lock keeper that we must be in early because of the slack tide, so we finished the match at 12.45 instead of 1pm although the late flooding tide did keep the gates open for the full period but the slow fishing suited most of the boats to return to the Dock for an early weigh in.
You can see from the attached sheet the winning anglers with Maitland Stevens weighing in a bag of gutted cod 14lb 8oz, he also takes the pool money with a 6lb gutted cod, nice to see yet another face on the leader board. Everybody said they had a very enjoyable day, even the sun came out towards the end of the match, which made the banter at the weigh in even more enjoyable especially with a pint of the HCA beer, can’t wait for next week18th March match 9am till 5pm.

Hogwash on 6 out

few for the Diary People
WL 6: 11/03/18 Pen out 06.30 and fish 07.15 to 12.45 (5.25m)
WL 7: 18/03/18 Fish 08.00-16.00 (6.7m)
WL 8: 25/03/18 Pen out 06.30 and fish 07.15 to 12.45 (5.6m)
WL 9: 01/04/18 Fish 09.00 to 16.00 (7.20m) confirm floods
WL 10: 15/04/18 Fish 09.00 to 16.00 (6.7m)

Crab Racing BBQ evening  Saturday July 7th 7p.m.
This is Regatta weekend.Fishing Club Members and Families Welcome

HCA Boat Fishing Club

Orsted Sponsored “Big Cod Open”

Sunday 18.02.18

Well the expectations along with the build up came to fruition on Friday 16.02.18 when the organising committee called the match on.

Skippers got hold of crews, charter boat skippers contacted parties social media was buzzing, bait ordered, tackle sorted, routes to marina and the surrounding beaches plotted, B&Bs confirmed Breakfast cafe and after match burgers sorted it’s a goer.

Weather forecasts checked, questioned, double checked, Skippers looking at the match times, state and size of the tides wind directions, favourable marks.

X2 Tractors stationed on Cleethorpes beach to service 12 beach launched boats, to be joined by boats from the HCA Marina, Alexandra Quay and the Humber mouth yacht club totalling 68 boats crewed by 181 anglers.

Match day Sunday 18th February an early start for most bait checked gear sorted breakfast and down to the boats, small groups discussing the days up and coming action and looking around for old friends.

High Tide was 07.17 and 6.67m a nice tide for the River Humber, Match was due to start at 09.00 with boats leaving the various points to congregate at the holding area issued to boat Skippers and or launching/sailing late to coincide with the free to go to marks time.

When the all in time was given by Devocean 6 control boat for the day on ch6 the skippers hoped they had done their homework to put parties/crews onto the Cod.

As the match started we were 1 hour and 43 minutes into an ebbing tide, with watches set for prime fishing time of 11.19 down to low water slack 13.19.

This ebbing tide produced plenty of small codlings around the 2lb mark but a report came in that a cod of 9lb plus had been landed aboard Quiet Waters, this eventually took 3rd place for local angler George Brozych.

As the ebb came and went anglers were hoping for that clonker to come along as the early flood started to come through as the afternoons 6.95m started to make.

Some boats decided to move to the Middle to miss the main tidal run, but 60% of the boats were sat on or around the 5A Banks, this proved to be a bonus for Gemini Skippered by Chris Smith as one of his crew hit a nice cod of 13lb 4oz Simon Brummitt from Lincoln who caught the fish could have been forgiven for dreaming of counting his winnings and collecting this year’s title.

This wasn’t to be as Neil Markley Skipper of Patsy Lou had put his crewman Viv Gedney from Spalding onto the golden Ticket mark boating what proved to be this year’s winning Cod of 14lb 8oz.

As the match drew to a conclusion at 17.00 anchors were pulled in to return to points of departure as the light began to fade on this year’s match delivering all anglers home safe and sound.

At the weigh in there was much debate about what baits fished, how marks performed, how big the cod were that managed to get away or fall prey to waiting seals. Along with rib taking Craic and a few pints to wash down hot burgers,

Jim Mclernon was in charge of the weigh and kept a running commentary of the weights coming to be recorded electronically and hard copy by committee members.

 It was clear the Humber had produced plenty of fish for the HCA Fishing club to sell on the Grimsby fish market though CEO Martyn Bowers for the clubs 2018 charity Macmillan Nurses, The Fish on the market from the cod Match made £813.15 of the 181 anglers who fished the match 115 anglers weighed Cod/Cod-lings in with others putting there catches in the cod box and 29 anglers collected from the extensive prize table.

Results from 18.02.18 HCA Orsted sponsored Big Cod Open

1st Viv Gedney 14lb 8oz £1000

2nd Simon Brummitt 13lb 4oz £500

3rd George Brozych 9lb 10oz £300

Young Junior Angler Charlie Hurst showed his Dad how to fish aboard Abigale winning a reel for his codling.

Thank you to all who attended The HCA Boat fishing Club Big Cod Match sponsored by Orsted

And we hope to welcome you all back in 2019



 1st Viv Gedney top left 2nd Simon Brummitt top right 3rd George Brozych centre

1st Viv Gedney top left
2nd Simon Brummitt top right
3rd George Brozych center



Charlie Hurst
Charlie Hurst


Out for a session last night in the River Humber with my cousin Jim on his boat Lady Jayne, with Glen Hughes And Mally out with us on Glens boat Kelly Jane pen out at 18.00 and in on the cill at 12.30am lovely night clear sky. fishing a bit sporadic with 3 green aboard as the ebb died away, and 13 or 14 more green in the box as the flood built up biggest codling around 5 1/2lb gutted. we put around 6 smaller codling back to fight another day as under 45 cm. Glen and mally caught much the same as we did Though Glen And Mally both caught chip butties , good craic Facebook celebrity Jim Mclernon fresh out of Facebook Jail went on air live but authorities blocked satellite transmission, under guise of phone battery failure. The HCA Big cod match is approaching fast sponsored by Orsted 18.02.18 get your applications in now, you can download from site below.. We also have a HCA Fishing club meeting this coming Wednesday 31.01.18 all old and new members welcome. Agenda to follow 


HCA Boat fishing Club

Winter League 5

09.30 to 15.30

Great expectations and a dress rehearsal for the HCA Boat fishing clubs Orsted sponsored Big Cod Open Match.

WL 5 Was eagerly awaited by 23 seasoned anglers aboard 11 Boats, Ready for 5 hours of an ebbing tide with a turnaround at low water slack and a pen booked for 16.00.

The mornings ebbing tide of 7.03m dictated the marks for the match, anglers taking part with 75% heading to the 2C to escape the strongest run of this big tide, some sitting on top of the bank others astern in the shallower water.

As the ebb began to ease the fish began biting with a lot of small codling being returned around the 44cm mark, Tony Hog also boated LSD.

As the catching period came boats started to move around to more favoured marks which were now fishable as the tide eased, a few codlings of better quality started to come aboard with the biggest of the day going to Dave Ketley weighing 6lb 12oz Gutted weight this was enough on the day to win the biggest fish pools for the match and help give Dave 2nd place with 17lb 4oz overall.

The winning honours for the day went to John Dines who caught well on his favoured mark bringing 36lb of gutted fish to the scales.

Overall it was hard work and experience counted on the day for the skippers to winkle out every fish.


Control boat for the match was Hogwash skippered by club president Tony Hog who notified Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Humber of the match start and end times with expected boat movements, Tony also stood by whilst a club member who had engine problems was escorted safely back into the marina by Dave Young on Sookatoo.


WL number 5

3rd Feb 2018

1st John dines 36lb
2nd Dave Ketley 17lb 4oz biggest fish 6lb 12oz
3rd Tony Hogg 12lb 3oz .

Next match Winter League 6 11.02.18

09.00 to 15.00