Meet The Team

Tony Hogg Club President.
Tony is a founder member of the HCA Fishing Club and has countless years experience of fishing the Humber and surrounding areas. Tony has spent many years working with the other members of the committee building the club and ensuring all its members are looked after both in the marina and out at sea.
Along with our Secretary Mr Banks, Tony organises the charity events throughout the year and ensures the club's chosen charity always gets a good pay out. Over the last 10 years Chris and Tony, along with help from all the other members have raised in excess of £40,000 for well deserving local charities. Both Spurn Lifeboat Station & Cleethorpes Lifeboat Station have been amongst the benefactors of Tony's charity work
Tony fishes from an Orkney 24 called Hogg Wash. You'll find him out on the river most weekends, normally amongst the fish.
 Tim Burgess Club Chairman
Tim joined the club in 2003 after it had been running for around six months and took on the job of Treasurer. He now holds the role of Club Chairman and has done for around 10 years. Tim started fishing from an Orkney 520 launching from the beach but soon moved to a marina based Quicksilver 630.
Tim now fishes from a Breaksea Off Shore 29 Called Dev-Ocean 6. Tim has a good knowledge of the Humber and surrounding areas learnt from many years of fishing the Humber and listening to experienced Humber fishermen such as Glen Hughes and Tony Hogg.
Tony Hogg & Tim Burgess are normally the marshal boats for all matches. Once out in the river they monitor Ch6 along with the other important channels such as 12, 14 & 16.


Chris Banks. Club Secretary.
Chris joined the club at the start, one of the originals at the first meeting, and introduced the club to the many boat anglers that launch from the beach. Chris himself is an avid beach launching fisherman has been fishing the Humber for many years and has a vast knowledge of the Humber. He would readily admit that he went through a steep learning curve when he first started! 
Chris has learnt over the years how the weather impacts the beach, launching and retrieving, and how the tides can impact on the beach launching fraternity. Individuals such as Chris are experts on beach launching at Cleethorpes and are well worth talking to if your thinking of launching a boat from Cleethorpes beach.
Chris fishes from an Icelander 15 called Laura Ann and like many of the regular beach boats, is always amongst the fish.
He is one of the few beach launched boaters left!
Terry Branson
Terry has been a member of the club for several years. He has a vast knowledge of the river and up until this year has always launched from the beach. Terry after many years of beach launching has opted for the easy life and decided to moor his boat  'Catch 22' in  the Marina. Terry's knowledge of beach launching is second to none which makes him a good person to contact with any beach launching issues.


Clive Glover
Clive has been the clubs treasurer for several years. He holds plenty of knowledge about the River Humber and favors the Middle Shoal as a mark of choice. His boat Sea Dog is based in the Marina and Clive is happy to pass the time of day sharing his Boat angling knowledge with other anglers.


Tony Mclernon
Tony is now into his 7th year as a member of the hca fishing club and having had the opportunity to fish with some of the clubs most experienced boat anglers, has gained a lot of skills to make the transition from Beach match angler to Boat angler. Tony's now enjoying some great fishing around the Humber Marks.
He can be found around the weigh in area most matches taking a few Club publicity pics if you want to discuss Terminal rigs, presentation or tackle then contact Tony.


Mel Crofts
Mel has many years as a member of the HCA Fishing club under his belt being based in the Marina.He has Honed a lot of skills over the years fishing the River and like Clive can be found on the middle shoal top and tailing a favorite mark with Clive.If you want to discuss Marks Mel is approachable and will pass on some hard gained knowledge.



Jim Mclernon
Jim has been boat fishing in the River Humber for around 15 years, and spent several of those years as a member of the HCA Fishing club.
Jim started his boat fishing as a Beach angler launching Lady Jayne 1 from Wonderland, progressing onto a Warrior class boat Lady Jayne also from the Beach.
Reaching his twilight years Jim has now migrated into the HCA Marina with his new boat - A Nice Merry Fisher - also called Lady Jayne.
You can usually find Jim anchored up around his second home the 2c Buoy where he has been known to pull out some specimen Roker and Cod. Need to know about Beach launching contact Jim.